Dental Makeover Boston

Dental Makeover in Boston

"Afraid of the dentist? We will put you at ease..."
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Dental Makeover reconstruction

Reconstructive dentistry incorporates a variety of advanced dental procedures that employ state of the art materials and technologies. Successful use of these methods requires precision attention to detail and true creative talent that only a well tenured dentist can perform.




Dental Makeover in Boston

Here is a picture of Gary, a person whose time was consumed by an active career and being a family man. Years of benign neglect (not keeping up with routine dental visits, something everyone has difficulty with from time to time) and a fair share of mild dental anxiety slowly accumulated to the point where Gary was in distress and significant pain.

At the time he presented himself in our office, he had a thick moustache which was grown to help cover the poor dentition and frequently spoke with his hand covering his mouth. He felt desperate however and was "ready" to get done what needed to be done.

Dental Makeover reconstruction in Boston

We proposed a variety of treatment plans for Gary to choose from. A popular option, fitting for dentures, was something not desired by the patient. Gary did not want teeth that would be taken in and out of his mouth.

Despite having "tight finances" due to a divorce and children in college, Gary chose a treatment plan and financing arrangements that enabled him to easily afford 11 implants to replace all upper teeth (he opted for the Gold Standard of tooth replacement).

Here are a few photos which show before, after and during dental implant work.

Procedure Details

As the far upper right photo clearly shows, Gary's upper teeth were extremely unstable due to caries and periodontal disease. After the infection was stabilized, we surgically removed all of the upper teeth and placed the implant devices. Gary wore a temporary denture while his tissues were healing from the oral surgery.

The first photo in this 3 part sequence shows gum tissue that has healed quite nicely and uniformly. Osseointegration (titanium implant material successfully integrated with natural jaw bone) is now complete; the patient is ready for the abutments and eventual new crowns.

The second photo shows superb alignment and symmetry of the custom handcrafted ceramics used by Dr. Rothenberg.

The last photo is Gary's new smile. Note that the moustache is missing. The overwhelming cosmetic impact of Gary's makeover was significant. Gary looked and felt years younger and has renewed confidence. Gary is now engaged and has invited our staff to his wedding.

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Dental Makeover in Boston

Dental Makeover Boston


Dr. Rothenberg's extensive professional background and years of experience in dental implants enable his local Boston patients to enjoy having all of their needed dental implant care performed in one office. No referrals are made to other dental offices.

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants is to schedule an Implant consultation with Dr. Rothenberg by calling 781-639-2585.

A recent panorex x-ray is needed to determine how much bone you have available to support dental implants. Please inform the receptionist when you call if this will be needed.

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Dental Makeover in Boston
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