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"Afraid of the dentist? We will put you at ease..."
-Dr. Rothenberg
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Dr. Rothenberg is able to provide different degrees of a "comfortable treatment" with the use of any combination of oral medications, acupuncture, behavioral methods and other alternatives. The goal for each patient is to achieve whatever level of relaxation or anxiety-free state they desire while being treated.
When our patients are relaxed and comfortable (with sedation dentistry) treatment always proceeds under almost optimal conditions. Interruptions don't seem to occur. During treatments that incorporate more than one procedure, the virtual pain and anxiety free physical state permits transition from one procedure to the next almost effortlessly and with minimal or no awareness of the patient.

Most of our patients enjoy the smooth transitions of sedation dentistry so much that they opt for treatment that spans from just several minutes to literally 3 to 4 hours. These types of extended sessions are only possible with sedation dentistry, incorporating the use of medications and/or behavioral methods.

People who have extreme dental needs due to histories of inadequate care or some unusual dental condition can now obtain the needed treatment without weeks or even months of "traditional" treatment. Many of our patients discover that achieving and maintaining optimal dental care does not require a long series of office visits.

Reconstructive dentistry for example, can be achieved with just a few office visits, sometimes over a period of months. Patients seeking a cosmetic full mouth makeover especially enjoy being able to eliminate multiple office visits with our  sedation dentistry services.

Two case studies are presented here to demonstrate how Dr. Rothenberg is able to use sedation dentisty in his Boston office to create dental treatment plans that seem to overcome common obstacles that people have which interfere with what they think is possible.

Meet Shaun:
An executive with a Boston biotech firm. A demanding work schedule, combined with a good measure of everyday dental anxiety, interfered with Shaun's dental care for 10 years.

Admittedly embarrassed, our patient reported significant toothache pain and wanted Dr. Rothenberg's gentle touch to make this routine treatment effortless for him.

A root canal deemed necessary was easily managed by Shawn with the help of local anesthesia and Dr. Rothenberg's knack for "hand holding". Our patient's comment after completing the root canal was ... "Boy ... that wasn't so bad."

Now that dentistry was "comfortable" for Shawn, he was quick to ask about other dental procedures that he had always wanted but avoided.

With oral medications our patient learned that he could easily complete several procedures during each extended office visit.

With Shaun's new perspective on what dentistry should be, he opted for a complex series of reconstructive and restorative procedures that produced a cosmetic outcome that he had longed for.

Meet Mrs. Patch:
A patient of ours for over 30 years. Dr. Rothenberg treated her children and now her grandchildren.

She is 82 now ..and has actually outlived many of her teeth.

Reaching the point where dentures and dental implants were being discussed to replace her teeth, Mrs. Patch commented she didn't think she could "manage" implant surgery "I am not as brave as I used to be".

After Dr. Rothenberg demonstrated the variety of sedation dentistry techniques that would be used in any combination needed to assure her comfort, Mrs. Patch decided to defy the recommendation of her friends to "just get dentures" (due to her age).

She told us she wanted to enjoy her life and felt that dentures would not be as good as having teeth that are permanent.

The dental implant procedures combined with sedation dentistry were an overwhelming success. Mrs. Patch underwent a full reconstruction procedure and is now able to enjoy the same dental health, cosmetic appearance and function she had years and years ago.

Contact Dr. Rothenberg and his staff in Boston today at (781) 639-2585 to learn more about how sedation dentistry is incorporated into his dental treatment plans that have helped local Boston patients and patients from across the state overcome common dental anxieties once and for all. Learn too how easily managed extended treatment sessions with sedation dentistry can improve opportunities to obtain the best oral health, cosmetic and dental function possible, regardless of busy work schedules or budgetary constraints.

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Sedation Dentistry Boston

Sedation Dentist in Boston


From fully conscious to a sleep-like state of sedation dentistry, each patient's personal preference of awareness and for being full relaxed is different. These differences that we all have are a function of our experiences, our age, our body type, metabolism, expectations and a host of other important criteria.

All of our patients have access to a variety of supportive sedation dentistry services in our  office that will assure practically any degree of comfort they desire. Dr. Rothenberg assesses and monitors this "comfort level" with every patient while being treated, whether for simple treatments or complex multiple procedures.

If you live in Boston area, Dr. Rothenberg's sedation dentistry may be a benefit to you. Call us for a consultation on Sedation Dentistry at 781-639-2585.

Many of our patients report little, if any, post operative discomfort after their treatment. These would include common reports of mild back pain, neck pain or just plain muscle tension. Sedation dentistry supports not only intercepts the perception of discomfort or direct pain with certain treatments, but also has a more generalized relaxing effect overall which eliminates discomfort that arises from overall muscle tension.








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